Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Investigating intersections in Private/Public

Is a transport from private to public possible, without the private being exploited?
To what extent do we need to understand this, and at which point must we do something about it?

I will present a hypothetical product that seeks to improve the life of the single individual by collecting all kinds of very specific and personal data, draw calculations on it, and come out with a bunch of recommendations for change that would make the individual a happier person.

The product is designed with non-hostile intentions. Meaning well, the imaginary inventors are confident that the product is truly going to change peoples lives for the better. Automatically included in these optimistic dreams, is the belief that the monetary transactions following the launch of the product, and the commercial relations that will appear, will make out the necessary infrastructure for the change to be completed.

A person at Twitter whom I follow:
"I dream of being able to buy the beautiful things my gifted, hard-working friends create."

Solidarity is about sharing your assets. Fund the things you're fond about. Support only that business which makes you happy.

In a society made out of happy-rethorics around liberal capitalism, your happiness is defined by your place within this commercial system. To find your place, your private must be on display. Defined, categorized, named, calculated.. What we do with our personal details, our private data and intimate information that tells us a possibly very interesting story.

A story about how art intersects with commerce and builds design that creates lifestyles that makes identity that comes with responsibility and rights and needs that is met by consumptive behaviours and so on..

I want to put politics into a product that, much like Google, intends to do "no evil" in the liberal system and open up creativity and freedom to the users/consumers.
I want to display the need for our private to be used as merchandise to any "bigger product". I'd like to do that by interpreting that love story in the form of a pornographic video.


  1. Hi Åslög!
    It seems interesting. Good luck!

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  3. Is there anything available of the production of Aslög Enochsson? What are you doing presently?